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An essential commodity, safety glasses are invaluable to many professions, but are rendered unsafe when scratched, impacted or otherwise damaged.
Now replacing them won't feel so environmentally unfriendly. Featuring outstanding clarity and meeting ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Impact standard, our Decade Bio™ line of safety glasses are designed to meet ASTM D5511-11 standard for biodegradability in a biologically-active landfill.





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Body Glove Bio™ and Decade Bio™ Safety Glasses

Constructed of polycarbonate plastic, our new safety glasses show biodegradation in
ongoing ASTM D5511 lab testing. In the first 469 days, they were found to biodegrade
an average of 25.9% under conditions that simulate a biologically-active landfill.
Actual biodegradation rates vary in landfills according to moisture levels. Present tests
at ~ 45% solids content are representative of wetter landfills, such as in the Pacific
Northwest and Southeastern US.
In order to foster and encourage biodegredation, we’ve added a tiny amount of
material to our plastic during manufacturing. Once the glasses are discarded, the
additive's unique chemistry will attract hungry microbes to the surface of the glasses,
and the bacteria will break them down to humus within a fraction of the time required
to break down untreated plastic.
Don’t worry, unless you live 10 feet underground, with your head stuck in the dirt,
our safety glasses won’t begin to disintegrate until they are buried in a landfill.
Decade Bio™ and Body Glove Bio™ safety glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1-2010
(high impact) eyewear standard with tough polycarbonate frames and lenses
to protect eyes from debris injury. The glasses provide 99.9% protection from
UVA and UVB radiation and have a scratch-resistant coating.
Decade Bio™ SS Series
Decade Bio™ SS Dark Decade Bio™ SS Clear
Decade Bio™ Sosa Series
Decade Bio™ Sosa Dark Decade Bio™ Sosa Clear
Body Glove Bio™ 459 Series
Body Glove Bio™ 459 Silver/Dark Body Glove Bio™ 459 Silver/Clear
Body Glove Bio™ 459 White/Clear