GripStrip2 Tool/Handle Wrap w/GpactII®

GripStrip2 is the second generation of our popular GripStrip, now featuring our patented GpactII® gel technology. GripStrip2 offers advanced impact protection when using hand tools and slow-stroking power tools. The outer wrap is made of stretchable silicone which fuses to itself when wrapped, creating a highly durable, tightly-contoured grip which resists oils and endures high heat (<500°f).

Spiraling “ribs” provide excellent interlocking traction with the fingers for unsurpassed grip. GripStrip2 is easily cleaned to provide maximum grip. To remove, cut with a knife or scissors and peel off. No adhesives are used.

Video: How to use a shortened length of GripStrip2:

How to Install a GripStrip2 standard length wrap Note: GripStrip2 will bond to itself within seconds. Please handle carefully to prevent unintended "connections." 1] Clean the tool handle to remove dirt, oil, grease or other contaminants. 2] Unroll GripStrip2 just enough to start a wrap, peeling off the plastic carrier as you go. 3] Start the wrap straight across the handle so the first wrap completely covers the end. 
 Stretch the GripStrip2 as you wrap to provide a tight, contoured fit. It will stretch up to 50%! 4] After covering the end, begin a spiral-wrap around the handle, stretching the GripStrip2 as you wrap it. 
 Space each wrap so the edges are completely overlapped. Once a new layer touches the previous layer, bonding begins. 
 You have several seconds to unwrap and adjust spacing if necessary. 
 Attempting to unwrap your GripStrip2 after more than 15 seconds may damage it. 5] To finish a wrap, stretch the flat leader straight across the handle so it completely overlaps the layer below. 
 Press the end down firmly onto the layer below to create a smooth finish. 
 For best results, wait a minimum of 30 minutes before using the tool. GripStrip2 can be easily removed by slicing through it and simply pulling it off. No adhesives are used. 
Be careful not to cut the tool surface. GripStrip2 is one-use only.